Our Team

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Bruce M. Gale, PhD

Dr. Gale is a Clinical Psychologist (PSY10598) and Director of LUNCH Groups® having developed the model in 2001. It is based upon empirical research in the areas of social emotional functioning, language and communication abilities, executive function abilities, social learning theory, behavior modification, and cognitive behavioral theory. Since its inception, the program has treated over 1100 students and adults during the past 15 years.



Jewel Mazor, PsyD

Dr. Mazor is a Mental Health Specialist and Co-Director of LUNCH Groups®. She previously worked in the program as a paraprofessional counselor from 2006-09, then headed off to graduate school. Having received her doctoral degree, Dr. Mazor returned to the practice at the end of 2012 to continue working in the program as a Registered Psychological Assistant. Additionally, she sees clients for individual treatment through Dr. Gale's private practice.

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Stasi Harrell, MA

Currently a doctoral candidate at Pepperdine University,  Stasi serves as Clinical Coordinator for Dr. Gale's private practice. She has worked in the LUNCH Groups® program since 2009 and currently functions in the role of clinical staff. In 2014, she developed and coordinated a validation study of our treatment methodologies for 38 families attending our summer program. The results were positive, both in terms of supporting treatment effectiveness and in validating our social-emotional assessment tool, Rapid Screener®.



Karen Touboul, BA

Karen has been with us since September 2016 and is one of our paraprofessional staff members. She will be continuing through our summer program and has proven a reliable and conscientious staff member, often adding observations and providing useful information to the clinical staff.

Sophie (Therapy Dog)

At 8 years old, Sophie is one of our more senior staff members, having been participating in the LUNCH Groups® program since 2009, when she was four months of age. She routinely attends group sessions during our School Year Programs and attends less frequently during summer.