8-11 Summer Session #3

Hi Parents,

We're wrapping up our first week. You should have received information about the Parent Meeting in the office being held tomorrow, Saturday, June 30, from 10am-12noon. Please find the calendar invite and RSVP if you haven't already done so.

Sophie is going to be present today as well.

Today we'll be starting off with about 90 minutes in the office doing a morning project after we've gone over LUNCH Points. After our morning snack, we will head off walking to California Pizza Kitchen where they are expecting us at 11 am. They are located at Woodley and Ventura. We have a tour of the facility scheduled where staff will show their organizational process how they strive to meet customer's needs, how they focus on cleanliness and proper food handling. I may not be doing a good job of describing but the kids usually enjoy it; It's more interesting than I'm describing. This will be followed by the kids having an opportunity to design their own individual pizzas, which the CPK staff will collect, bake, and serve as lunch.

Afterward, we will head downstairs to Karen's toys for a raffle shopping trip. The group will be divided into 2-3 "Teams," with a team leader and they will be given instructions on price limits plus how it is determined whether or not we will purchase the item they select. The emphasis is similar to what we do when the kids are in Gelsons market getting snacks. They need to talk to one another, determine whether they like the same items and make decisions. Just to clarify, no child will be choosing an item for purchase that they are guaranteed to receive -- all items go into the raffle.

Afterward, what we do is going to depend upon the weather, specifically how warm it is out. We're hoping to be able to return to the office for a bit, shop for afternoon snacks and take them to a nearby park along with some sporting equipment, e.g., nerf balls and paddles, badminton, kick balls, and frisbees, but this will depend on how hot it is. One choice may be to return from CPK/Karen's Toys by bus rather than walking, but again, we'll make the decision at that time.

This should leave some time at the end of the day where we will either play some games and/or talk about what the group has been doing so far.

Also, as a reminder, we have group on Monday and Friday next week. Wednesday is July 4 and we won't be meeting.

You are welcome to make comments below. Just remember they are public, not private, and can be viewed by anyone.

Dr. G.

P.S. As it turned out, we didn't go to the park after all, even though the temperature was in the high 70's. The kids seemed a little too tired for a second excursion out. They were up, however, for working on an animation. You can find it under "View Projects." It more had to do with showing them some of the ways the animation program could plus reviewed one of the critical elements of animation... having a good story.