8-11 Summer Session #6

Hi parents,

Today we're going to be heading to laser tag via public MTA bus as our main event, arriving at 11am. It's located at Ultra Zone in Sherman Oaks on Ventura Boulevard at Cedros Ave. We’ve been there many times before and always had a great time. We will be doing this “Camp Style," which means we will be able to play several games of laser tag and we will have our own "party room." will be interspersing a couple of laser tag games with time for them to play in the arcade. Our rules are similar to bowling in that they are not allowed to obtain candy or prizes, just play games, ideally with partners.

They do offer sodas and lemonade at Ultra Zone (laser tag) and we will allow the kids to have some, typically up to one refill and then they have to switch to water. So, this is a slightly more “sugary” day than most (however if you have instructed us not to give your child soda or fruit juices they will have only water).

Prior to laser tag we will be going either to Jamba juice or Noah's bagels for our snack. There's a nice place to sit outdoors and will be heading out a little bit early to take advantage of the cooler weather before laser tag.

After we're done, around 1 PM, will be heading out to lunch. There is a new noodle place downstairs from laser tag that we may try or be will likely go to Hamburger Hamlet at Van Nuys Blvd. and Ventura Boulevard. It isn't too long the walk to the latter location and we are usually able to stay on the shady side of the street. However, if it's very hot, we'll accommodate.

We will likely return to the office around 3 PM and will settle in for either games or project, possibly both. Sophie is here today so those students who did not have a chance to take a picture on Friday will have an opportunity for today.

As a reminder, there will be a webinar again tomorrow evening and it will be recorded just as last time. There will be a parent meeting this weekend. If you have a preference for Saturday versus Sunday morning, please drop me a short email let me know.