8-11 Summer Session #5

Hi Parents,

I hope everyone had a safe and happy Fourth of July holiday. We are on "heat alert" today and are taking numerous precautions. For starters, we will be going to Los Encinos State Historic Park at Balboa and Ventura  at 10 AM for a tour. Normally, we would just walk there, however we will be taking an MTA bus to arrive there at approximately 9:50 AM. Jennifer, the park interpretive guide, will be meeting us and taking the kids on a brief outdoor tour, followed by an indoor tour, and then a short project. Normally we would go to The Stand after this, but instead we will be taking the bus back to have lunch at Poquito Mas, across the street from the office.

We have an indoor project planned for the afternoon after lunch. Also, there will be a raffle today and some game playing in the late afternoon. We will be using our artificial intelligence race cars with the kids, Anki Overdrive (look it up, it's pretty cool).

All of the kids have bottles of water with their names on it and we will be encouraging frequent hydration.

Upcoming Parent Meeting: You should have received an invitation about the Parent Meeting in the office being held this coming Sunday, July 8th, from 1pm-3pm. Please RSVP when you have a chance.

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