11-13 Summer Session #7

Good morning parents,

Today we are going to be headed off to the California Science Center via chartered bus. One change for today: Stasi is out sick so it will be Dr. Mazor and myself running the program. I considered using one of our backup staff, but because of the nature of the activity (enclosed), we felt it was managable rather than introducing someone the kids had never met. We will be leaving around 10 AM and expect to return by 4 PM. We will likely take snacks with us on the bus and consume them once we get to the science center and have lunch there as well.

In addition to going around the Science Center, we have purchased tickets for an iMax movie and also for the space shuttle, Endeavor. We'll be going to both of those in the afternoon, then returning.

On Friday, not all of your children had a chance to make purchases on Olvera Street. So, we are going to be offering those who have not make any purchases the opportunity to buy something similar in the Science Center gift shop or at the Endeavor exhibit.

As a reminder, there is a final webinar tomorrow night at 7pm, plus a final planned meeting on Thursday from 5:30-7: 30 pm. I am considering one extra meeting to be on a weekday evening when I return from being away, after August 13th. You will receive a survey to see if you are interested.

Please feel free to email me if you have any questions.

Dr. G.