14-17 Summer Session #6

Hi Parents,

So, it’s come down to the final day. Sorry this blog entry is a little late. It’s a “close to home” day for us as we mainly want to have a chance to work one final time on conversational skills with new people (those they haven’t spoken to previously) and closure.

We’re starting the day off with a surprise breakfast (don’t worry if your teen already had one... three said they did. They all found something to order). We are at a nearby restaurant, Claudine, and they’ve ordered everything from vanilla pancakes, to churro pancakes, eggs, even a brisket burrito. We wanted to start off the day with something different for them.

We’ll be returning and working on finishing the animation (that has been tough for this group) and doing LUNCH Points. Around noon, we’ll be heading for a picnic style lunch, letting them order family style items at Gelsons deli.

At 1:30pm today, we have a magician coming who has performed at the Magic Castle. He will do a short close magic show with them, then show them how to do a few tricks.

Sophie is here today. 

After that, we’ll be talking with them about what they gained from group, have them complete a feedback survey, and hold our two blue and hero ticket raffles.

There will be a final parent office meeting  tonight from 5:30-7:30pm. Also, you will receive a parent feedback survey to complete at the end of group via email. Please complete it at your first opportunity. Once you complete the survey, you will receive the “progress reporting” version of Rapid Screener.

I will contact all families to see if there is interest in a “bonus” meeting between Aug 13-15 either day or evening.

Thanks for participating. Let me know if you have any questions.

Dr. G.

11-13 Summer Session #8

Dear parents,

Well, it has finally arrived, the last day. We're hoping to make it a memorable experience for your kids. We will be starting off with a pancake breakfast down the street at Claudines. (If they want something else, that's fine too).

After that, we'll be walking about a half mile to Los Encinos State historic Park. Jennifer, the park interpreter, will be waiting and will provide a tour, including going inside the adobe buildings (temperature-wise, it's reasonably cool inside). She's extremely knowledgeable and, in fact, this is our 10th year anniversary taking tours with her (we were her very first tour tour 10 summers ago).

At the conclusion of the tour she will do a project with the kids, most likely making butter from cream. After that it’s off to lunch, either at The Stand or another nearby restaurant, depending upon the weather (it shouldn't be more than about 92°)

At this point in time it will probably be around 2 PM and we will head back to the office for the rest of the afternoon. We still have a lot to do. There will be a review of goals that kids have indicated they wanted to work on and they will be able to comment on their progress, we have a Feedback survey that they will be completing (yours will arrive this evening) and we have an animation to finish. Of course, there will be two raffles (blue ticket and hero ticket). There may even be time for some games.

Some of you have written or asked about the school year program. Please be assured, you have first priority as a participant in the summer program. We will also be accepting returning families from the school year program, but will leave 25% of the spots open for brand new families who are on our wait list.

The webinars will remain available through the end of August at which time your access to them will close. Also, there is a final parent meeting tomorrow night, Thursday, from 5:30 to 7:30. Please logon to the parent portal and indicate whether or not you plan to return tomorrow night if you have not already done so.

It is been a pleasure getting to know you and your kids. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions. We will be completing progress reports on all your kids over the next three weeks and sending those out.

Happy rest of summer!

Dr. G.

14-17 Summer Session #5

Hi Parents,

Today we are headed to City Walk. We’ll be taking the bus there and starting off at that famous health food restaurant, Voodoo Donuts. For those who don’t like donuts, they will be able to choose from other nearby establishments. After that, the teens will be just “hanging out” and window shopping. They each have $20 to spend and those with LUNCH Point Certificates will receive an extra $5. FYI, this is about budgeting and decision-making as well. They do not get to keep the unspent amount.

For lunch, we’ll most likely be at Bubba Gump Seafood. We tend to have a leisurely meal there, with the emphasis on visiting, not eating. After that, we’ll spend a little more time shopping before heading onto a bus to return to the office.

Sophie is here today. 

There will be a parent webinar this tonight (final one) and a parent meeting this Thursday. I have added both the parent RSVP link and the Webinar registration link to the Parent Portal so you can just log in there to sign up for either.

11-13 Summer Session #7

Good morning parents,

Today we are going to be headed off to the California Science Center via chartered bus. One change for today: Stasi is out sick so it will be Dr. Mazor and myself running the program. I considered using one of our backup staff, but because of the nature of the activity (enclosed), we felt it was managable rather than introducing someone the kids had never met. We will be leaving around 10 AM and expect to return by 4 PM. We will likely take snacks with us on the bus and consume them once we get to the science center and have lunch there as well.

In addition to going around the Science Center, we have purchased tickets for an iMax movie and also for the space shuttle, Endeavor. We'll be going to both of those in the afternoon, then returning.

On Friday, not all of your children had a chance to make purchases on Olvera Street. So, we are going to be offering those who have not make any purchases the opportunity to buy something similar in the Science Center gift shop or at the Endeavor exhibit.

As a reminder, there is a final webinar tomorrow night at 7pm, plus a final planned meeting on Thursday from 5:30-7: 30 pm. I am considering one extra meeting to be on a weekday evening when I return from being away, after August 13th. You will receive a survey to see if you are interested.

Please feel free to email me if you have any questions.

Dr. G.

14-17 Summer Session #4

Hi Parents,

Big plans for today. We will be heading The bus to Universal City where we will transfer and take the subway Downtown. Once there, We will be exploring Olvera Street, Union Station, And having lunch at Ocean seafood where we will be serving dim sum. Right now, the teens are playing a morning game with Dr. Mazor.

There will be a parent meeting this coming tonight and on the weekend. I have added both the parent RSVP link and the Webinar registration link to the Parent Portal so you can just log in there to sign up for either.

14-17 Summer Session #3

Hi Parents,

Today we're going to be heading to laser tag via public MTA bus as our main event, arriving at 11am. It's located at Ultra Zone in Sherman Oaks on Ventura Boulevard at Cedros Ave. We’ve been there many times before and always had a great time. We will be doing this “Camp Style," which means we will be able to play several games of laser tag and we will have our own "party room." will be interspersing a couple of laser tag games with time for them to play in the arcade. Our rules are similar to bowling in that they are not allowed to obtain candy or prizes, just play games, ideally with partners.

They do offer sodas and lemonade at Ultra Zone (laser tag) and we will allow the teens to have some, typically up to one refill and then they have to switch to water. So, this is a slightly more “sugary” day than most (however if you have instructed us not to give your teen soda or fruit juices they will have only water).

Prior to laser tag we will be going either to Jamba Juice or Noah's bagels for our snack. There's a nice place to sit outdoors and will be heading out a little bit early to take advantage of the cooler weather before laser tag.

Hope this makes sense. Lunch isn’t until 1:15pm, so you have time to consider and reply.

After we're done, around 1 PM, will be heading out to lunch. We used to go to Hamburger Hamlet but, sadly, they're closed "for remodeling." We took the 8-11 group to Marie Callender's, which is pretty close by and that went pretty smoothly, Some of the meals include a slice of pie. We had thought about restricting sodas at laser tag (at lunch it’s only water), but it kind of goes with having a private room. So, we are going to permit those kids whose meals include pie to have a piece, unless we hear back from you indicating that your teen may not have any.

e will likely return to the office around 3 PM and will be doing to "shopping" online for raffle prizes, and beginning to work on an animation project. 

Sophie is here today.

As a reminder, there will be a webinar again tonight and it will be recorded just like last time. There will be a parent meeting this coming Thursday and on the weekend. I have added both the parent RSVP link and the Webinar registration link to the Parent Portal so you can just log in there to sign up for either.

14-17 Summer Session #2

Good morning parents,

Today we are going to be headed off to the California Science Center via chartered bus. We will be leaving around 10 AM and expect to return by 4 PM. We will likely take snacks with us on the bus and consume them once we get to the science center and have lunch there as well.

The first day was extremely useful in helping to identify the target areas we wish to focus on with each of your teens. Please feel free to email me with any questions. Remember, if you contact me and include personal information I will respond in kind. If you prefer the personal information only be transmitted via a HIPAA compliant email communication system, please let me know and I will set you up. Be aware it will require a separate login and password each time you wish to send or access information.

We will be showing your teens LUNCH Points and how those work this morning. Please watch the tutorial on the website and let me know if you have any questions.

You should have received an email informing you of additional parent meetings that have been scheduled in the office. There will be two meetings this weekend, held on Saturday and Sunday from 10 AM to 12 noon, plus there will be meetings the next two Thursdays from 530 to 730 (not tonight).

Please feel free to email me if you have any questions.

Dr. G.

14-17 Summer Session #1

Hi Parents,

Today is a "light" outing day. Around 10:00am we will head to Pinz Bowling in Studio City, traveling there by public bus. For snack, we will be offering bagels with cream cheese at the bowling alley. We can bowl as many games as we wish during a two hour period. In case that turns out to be too long, they will have a brief period of time at the game arcades and be able to return to play a little more after lunch.

Lunch itself will most likely occur at the train, i.e., Carneys, which is just a minute from the bowling alley. They have a variety of hot dogs, hamburgers, tuna sandwiches, Thai wraps, and will also make grilled cheese (which we will make certain is not actually done on the grill, but on foil for families that have dietary requirements). We typically let the teens get French fries and sometimes a small shake or medium drink.

After lunch, we will most likely head back to the bowling alley to allow the teens a longer period of time in the arcade. The staff control how many games they can play and we do not permit them to use games to dispense toys or candy. We also will encourage them to pair up with others rather than just playing single player games and also to observe as other group members are playing.

Once we're done, we will head back on the bus and spend the remainder of the afternoon either doing another project or game playing. They also will be choosing nicknames which are how they are identified online, since we never use their actual names.

There is a chance the teens will view some short videos or animations with the goal being to stimulate interactive conversations. We will have an optional afternoon snack around 3:45 PM.

You should have received your "Parent Tips" sheet which has instructions on how to reach us during the day. Looking forward to seeing everyone together.

Sophie will be here today as well.

You are welcome to make comments below. Just remember they are public, not private, and can be viewed by anyone.


Getting Ready

Hi Summer Group Parents,

Things are settling down and we're finalizing preparations for the Summer LUNCH Groups program. Just a few housekeeping and informational pieces to make sure everyone's "in the loop."

Treatment Agreements/Materials Fee

You should have received the instructions for completing the treatment agreement and paying the materials fee. Click here for the link. Email me if you don't have the password.

Parent Orientations

Orientations are required for all NEW families. Those parents whose children have attended a school year program should review the video that will be posted and sent to you by Friday.

We held an orientation last weekend, have another orientation tomorrow (June 21st) from 3-5pm, scheduled primarily for 8-11 families, although others are welcome to attend. We have a final orientation meeting for 11-13 and 14-17 Groups set for July 8th, 9:30-11:30am. If you are a new family and have not attended or signed up for an orientation, please contact me.

General Information

  • All groups are from 9am-5pm
  • You may view the calendars for your child's summer program by using the navigation link at the top of the web site
  • Your child will not need water bottles, money, or other items
  • If they do bring a cell phone, we will ask them to keep it off or on silent. They are not permitted to take it out during group sessions
  • You will receive an email describing the main points of our day 15 minutes after you drop off your child

If you have other questions, please send me an email.

Dr. G.