Enrolling in Summer 2019 Programs

1. Review Agreement

Click here to carefully review our Treatment Agreement.

This covers many important areas, such as emergency procedures, how video-recording is handled, and other details.

2. Complete Intake

Click here to complete our intake form (you will need the password from us).

Unless parents are married or one parent has sole custody rights for their child, both parents must complete the intake form and agree to treatment.

3. Pay Required Fees

Regional Center Funded Families

If your child is being funded through the regional center, that means they have agreed to pay for the initial assessment and subsequent treatment. For Group 1 (8-11) and Group 2 (11-13), they will pay for 69 hours of services (although parents may attend an unlimited number of sessions. For Group 3 (14-18), it is the same except they pay up to 50 hours of services.

You are responsible for the materials fee, which covers the following:

  • Morning snack, lunch, afternoon snack

  • Transportation costs via public and private chartered bus

  • Admission to events

  • Raffle prizes

  • Guest presenters

The materials fee cost is $350 and must be paid prior to your enrollment being considered complete. If you are unable to pay this at one time due to financial hardship, contact Dr. Gale to see what arrangements can be made.

You will receive an invoice for payment, typically within one to after completing the intake form.

Private Pay Families

You will receive an invoice once you complete the Intake form. The program costs are below:

  • Pre-Group Assessment (All Groups): $325

  • Group 1 or 2: $4272.65 (this includes the $350 materials fee)

  • Group 3: $3192.50 (this includes the $350 materials fee)