Session #1: Monday, June 10

Today is our first day of group and everyone is just getting settled in. We have a total of 5 staff today because everyone is getting to know your kids. In the future, there will typically be three staff, with an occasional 4th person if we feel it is warranted.

We call today a “Close to Home Group.” The kids will spend the majority of the day in the office as we have morning orientation activities. The group will be going for a snack at 10am, will have lunch around noon, and an afternoon snack at 2-3pm. We’re monitoring the weather for today which will determine if we go to a park and which one of two parks we visit (Libbit Park or Encino Park). If it seems too warm, we’ll be playing games in the office.

Each child will have a water bottle with his or her name on it and will refill it as the day progresses as needed. We encourage frequent water consumption when we’re outside.

At the end of the day. I will publish an audio podcast summarizing today’s events. You will be notified when this occurs.

You will receive information about the course for this week tomorrow and there will be a webinar held Thursday at 7pm. More about that tomorrow.

That’s it for now. Remember, you can reach us anytime via email or by calling our office and putting in the code you were given. We do not use text messaging.

That’s it for now!

Dr. G.