Session #1: Tuesday, July 9

Today is our first day of Group 3 and everyone is just getting settled in. We’ll be heading over the the office and spending most of the morning there doing group orientation discussions and activities. We will head over to Gelsons around 10am for a morning snack. We call today a “Close to Home Group,” as we are getting to know your teens. Lunch will be at Maria’s Italian Kitchen where we have a large table reserved. We have a special surprise for the students at 2pm. “Critter Squad” will be showing up with about ten different animals to show, discuss, and possibly pass around for gentle handling.

Following this, we’ll have a quick afternoon snack at 3pm. At the end of the day. I will publish an audio podcast summarizing today’s events. You will be notified when this occurs.

You should have received information about the behavior course for this week tomorrow and there will be a webinar held Thursday at 7pm. You should have received a survey asking about the most convenient parent meeting times.

That’s it for now. Remember, you can reach us anytime via email or by calling our office and putting in the code you were given. We do not use text messaging.


Dr. G.