Session #2: Thursday, July 11

The weather today is expected to be up to the mid to high 80’s. We are headed to a nice, cool, bowling alley, Pinz, in Studio City for 1-2 hours of play between bowling and the arcades. To get there, we will be boarding the 150 or 240 MTA bus around 9:20 am that stops right in front of Gelsons, next to our office. We’ll arrive at the bowling alley just before 10 am head in, get shoes, and start playing. There will be 2 lanes.

For a snack today, we’ll be ordering bagels with cream cheese and a pitcher of water. We typically start the group off with 1/2 and offer seconds to those who want it. After bowling, we’ll play in the arcade, but it’s much more limited than what teens are used to. The focus isn’t on game playing, but socialization. So we will encourage them to pair up with others or observe when they aren’t playing. Staff will have the access cards and the students need to find a staff and ask for them to provide access to the game. Manners count.. We do not permit use of the games where they receive candy or prizes. Once a teen has played a game, possibly two, they are encouraged to watch other kids play for a bit. Each group member will be able to play up to a maximum of three games.

Afterwards, we’ll head next door to Carneys (the Train) for lunch. It is expected to be about 86 at that time in Studio City, so we will plan to eat indoors. They can have hot dogs, hamburgers, thai wraps, tuna, and vegetarian choices, plus either a medium sized soda or a small shake. They can get fries too if they wish, sometimes we have then share them and divide them up.

Afterwards, if we’ll head back by bus to the office. Once we return to the office, we’ll begin an “improve animation” where they generate initial ideas and we begin to put something together in real time.

Remember, if you need to reach me during the day, just send an email or call and use the special code you were given during orientation. However, please do not attempt to contact your kids and, if they contact you, please remind them to speak to us instead.