Session #7, Monday, July 22

Good morning,

It was most considerate of the weather to cool down compared to what was predicted (90) just in time for our trip to the Zoo. It is supposed to be no more than 83 degrees today and that isn’t until later in the day. A chartered bus will be arriving at 10am and taking us to the LA Zoo in Griffith Park. Depending on the actual weather, we’ll either be walking through or taking the shuttle, we’re prepared for both. We’ve been to the Zoo about 15 times, so we’re pretty familiar with things.

Your kids will have snacks just before the bus arrives and will be taking bottles of water with them. We will have lunch at either the outdoor area or the inside cafeteria (which gets really loud so we try to avoid it). We’ll have sunscreen on hand and be able to reapply as needed.

This is a full day outing so we expect to be back around 3pm. The afternoon snack will either occur at the Zoo, plenty of choices or immediately upon our return. We’ll either do some general discussion about either foods choices or hygiene or play games.

As always, feel free to reach out with any questions.

Dr. G.