Session #5 Wednesday, June 19

Today we’ll be spending time in Encino. This is the week we work the most on the animation projects,

We’ll be working for about 45 minutes continuing our animation project. Then, it’s off to Dunkin Donuts for a snack today. a donut and a drink for each child or something else if they wish. At 10am, we’ll be entering Los Encinos State Historic Park (click here for a YouTube interview discussing the state standards that are met on field trips of this type) and meeting with the Park Interpreter for a special “behind the scenes” tour and a project (I predict they’ll be churning their own butter on crackers).

After that, around 11:30am or noon, we’ll be heading back toward the office and stopping for Chinese food for lunch. We eat “family style” where the kids order dishes for themselves and four others, so promoting conversation about who wishes to try which items comes up.

We’ll do LUNCH Points™ in the afternoon following lunch. If you haven’t been sending one with your child, please consider completing one. on Friday If you aren’t sure what to do or encounter any difficulty, please let me know.

Around 1:30pm, we' will head back to the office. From 2-2:45pm, we’ll continue working on animation, then head next door or bring in an afternoon snack.

Finally, it will be time for our first raffle. Remember, your child will either come back with one or two prizes. If they are disappointed, of course provide a listening ear, but also try to let them know sometimes there are disappointments in life and remind them they’ll have another opportunity at the raffle the end of next week.