Session #7 Tuesday, July 30

Hi parents,

Here we are, at the final day of the summer session. Let me start off by saying “thanks” to all of you. Your consistency and consideration made this an especially enjoyable session.

Today, we’ll be introducing two “firsts,” starting with their choice of a Netflix movie, complete with popcorn and other snacks. Normally, I’d worry, but from what I’ve seen, teenagers will eat nearly anything, anytime. Right after, they be moving around a bit as we head next door to the Pilates Studio. We have a one hour appointment with a highly specialized trainer and he will be talking with them about proper breathing, posture (doing a far better job of explaining and showing them why it matters than I can). Plus he has prepared a gentle routine for them to practice. He has been briefed about the students and we won’t be “forcing” anyone to participate, as watching others can be instructive as well (we will, of course, encourage participation).

After our class, we’ll be heading down the street to Octopus, a Japanese restaurant, which has been pretty popular with our group. The weather is predicted to be a little warm, about 83 degrees, but that should be manageable. Of course, we’ll have water with us.

After we return, by 2:30pm, the teens will be completing self-report surveys that provide us with some indication of how they experienced the program and we’ll be having a brief discussion (remember those initial goals) along similar lines.

Finally, it will be time for our two raffles. Remember, everyone wins in the Blue Ticket raffle, but there are limited amounts of each kind of prize. Half of the student win the Hero Ticket Raffle and this usually favors those who have been trying to break out of their comfort zone and work harder on conversations, controlling impulses, or showing greater consideration for peers.

You will be receiving a survey later in the day after group ends. Please complete this at your first opportunity. Should you be interested in your child participating in the School Year program, you have first priority, provided you indicate your interest on the survey (it asks you at the end).

Please let me know if you have any questions.