Session #7 Monday, June 24

Hi Parents,

We’ll be starting the day by working on our animation project, hopefully finishing it, this morning. Snack will occur at Jamba Juice, which is nearby across the street. We’ll be returning to complete the animation, heading for lunch to Poquito Mas, a nearby Mexican-style restaurant.

We’ll need to return to the office by 12:45pm because we have a surprise visitor today coming at 1pm. The owner of the Magic Apple will be coming to put on a short magic show followed by teaching the kids a couple of tracks and providing them with the necessary supplies for them to do their own magic tricks.

Once he finishes, we’ll work in a short snack and have a game-playing afternoon, where we set up multiple multi-player games around the room and they have a chance to play together.

Please remember, if your child ever has a difficult morning getting to group and you wish to ask how they are doing, you are always welcome to send an email. Of course you can call if you feel the need, but email is easy and we typically respond within an hour of receiving it.