Video Tutorials

Below you will find a range of tutorials designed to help you get up to speed. Please feel free to contact us if you have questions or do not understand how to do something. (If you don't see anything, wait a few seconds. The information is loading in from another website).

Making the Program a Successful Experience

Let's review a few procedures that will make your child's experience even more productive.

Drop off/Pick up Procedures:  

  • We have a well-established "drop-off" procedure and ask that you follow it.

    • Arrival Time: Please drop off your child as close as possible to the schedule time. Remember, an important component of the group is gently guiding your child to effectively socialize during less structured time. IF YOU BRING YOUR CHILD LATE, YOU MUST WALK HIM OR HER TO THE OFFICE OR CALL US WHEN WE ARE ON A COMMUNITY OUTING. I or one of my program staff will be there to greet your child.

    • Being On Time: Sounds silly doesn't it? Do I even need to explain why this is important? For some of you, your child makes the process of getting to the meeting challenging. If this is the case, immediately contact me so we can help support this in group.

  • Conversations with your child just before dropping off and just after picking them up:
    When you drop off your child, please keep the conversation neutral. If they wish to be quiet, respect this. Consider letting them listen to
    their favorite music. Do whatever you can to make the experience of getting them to our program as neutral and pleasant as possible. Why?
    Because in order for them to feel like socializing in a group, they can't be upset, thinking about all of the safety advice you just gave
    them, etc. Similarly, for picking them up, please consider just saying "hi," and leave it at that. Most kids do not tell their parents what
    happened in group when they are asked. Unless you enjoy hearing responses such as, "not much," "it was horrible," "do I have to go
    back?," DO NOT ASK. That doesn't mean you shouldn't or won't learn what happened during group, just now right at that moment. For some of you, your kids will tell you what occurred. Great. But for the others, please don't push it. This will be discussed in greater detail during the parent meetings.

  • Dress: Please make sure that your child wears comfortable clothes and shoes. We will spend some days alternating between the office and brief excursions outdoors. Some days will have more time outdoors, and some days, we will be away for community outings. Restaurants are 5 to 10 minutes away. It is helpful for your child to wear clothing with at least one pocket, so they have a place to hold the envelope containing their raffle tickets while at group. Make sure your child also wears sunblock/sunscreen if they are sensitive to the sun.

  • Helping your child make changes: You know, but some parents in the past (certainly not you!) have used some of the following procedures which are consistently ineffective. Please review this list and, if you do any of the following, contact me directly via email. We will be reviewing the kinds of effective behavior strategies we use in the LUNCH Groups® Program with you via an online tutorial which will be available by the first day of group.

    • Promising them toys, games, and other "tangibles" for "being good."

    • Threatening to take away items for "bad behavior."

    • Asking rhetorical questions such as, "why did you leave your pants on the stairway?"

    • Yelling.

    • Being condescending to your child.

    • Promising a really large reward for any behavior.

    • Rushing and being late.

  • Bringing Gadgets and Toys: We do not want your child to bring play items. This detracts from the group experience. The occasional exception to this is if we do some form of "Video Show and Tell" and we will inform you in advance via email. Otherwise, please help your child leave them at home. If they must bring a cell phone, remind them that it must be set to "Silent" or "Off" (not vibrate). If they use it in a disruptive manner, we will
    warn them one time, then ask them to deposit in our office or with staff, to be picked up after group is over.

  • Reaching Us: The best thing to do is to call our office at 818-788-2100 and press Ext 1 then 1 a second time to reach me. The system forward to my cell phone, so be patient. Please reserve this form of contact for truly urgent situations.