Session #6 Friday, June 21

Hi parents,

Today is a outing day and will be hopping on a bus as soon as we make sure everyone has had a chance to use the restroom. We are traveling by public transportation to Ultra Zone, located in Sherman Oaks, for two hours of laser tag. first, however, we will be stopping at Noah's bagels for a snack. Following laser tag, the kids will go to Marie calendars for lunch.

At Ultra Zone they will have an opportunity to play as many games of laser tag as they wish during the time we are there. Also, they will have an opportunity to have drinks during that time, which may include sodas or lemonade. We limit how many refills they can have. In general, They are served water with their lunches rather than sugary drinks.

Once we return, we will be working on the animation topic the students have selected and began working on the other day.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.